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Din hija lista ta' termini tekniċi bil-lingwa Ingliża li jintużaw ta' spiss biex jesprimu kunċetti, oġġetti (kemm materjali u kif ukoll virtwali) u azzjonijiet.

In-nuqqas ta' vokabularju fil-lingwa Maltija ta' spiss jeħtieġ li jintuża kliem mill-lingwa Ingliża jew Taljana (jew oħrajn). F'din il-paġna wieħed jista' jara jekk teżistix traduzzjoni raġunevoli, jew iżid xi informazzjoni dwarhom.


3-D 3-D Area 3-D bar 3-D Column 3-D effect 3-D Line 3-D Pie 3-D Style 3-D Surface 3rd party


abbreviation abort aborted About about absolute reference accelerator key accent accent acute accent circumflex accent grave Accept access access key access permission accessibility accessories Account account accuracy accurate ACL acquire acronym Across action action button activate Active active document active object active window ActiveX ActiveX control Actual Size Adapter add add Add File Add new Add Picture add-in address Address bar address book address book address labels Adjust to administer administrator administrator setup Advance Advanced affect After animation alert box alert message algorithm algorithm alias alias align align align Align to Grid Alignment alignment buttons All all caps All fields All items All Programs allocate allow alphabetic ALT key alter alternative text Always on Top Amount ampersand Analyze anchor Angle angle brackets animate animated animation anniversary anonymous answer Answer Wizard anti-aliasing antivirus Any Character API call apostrophe Appear appearance applet Application application apply apply apply a font apply a style Apply to All Apply View appointment arc arcade archive archiving area Area Chart Area code argument Around arrange Arrange Icons array Arrow arrow keys arrow pointer Art article ascending ascending ASCII ASP aspect assign Assigned to associate association asterisk At least At most at sign Attach attach attachment Attendee Attention attribute Attributes attributes Audio audio authenticate authentication authenticity author authoring authorization auto auto Auto Arrange Auto Scale AutoArchive AutoCorrect autodetect AutoFilter AutoFit AutoForm autoformat auto-indent automate Automatic automatic link automatic updating automation AutoShapes AutoSum AutoText AutoText entry available available hard disk space available memory Average AVI aware Axes axis


Back back up backend Background background background background color backslash BACKSPACE key backtrace Backup backup backup copy backup file backup program backward backward compatible bad balloon bandwidth banner bar bar chart bar code bar graph baseline baud baud rate BCC Be Right Back beep Before beginner Bell below Best Fit beta version bi-directional language billing binary Binder Birthday bit bitmap black black-and-white blank Blank blank space blend blend Block Blue body text Bold bold button Book booklet bookmark bookmarks boolean boot boot boot disk boot drive border Border border border color border style Bottom bottom bottom margin boundary Box bps braces bracket brackets Break BREAK key Break Link breakpoint Bright brightness Bring To Front broadcast broadcast Browse browse Browse View browser browser browser identification string bubble size buddy bug Build builder built-in bullet bullet character Bullet Style bulleted list business business card busy busy button button bar button face button icon button image by Date by default By Modified by Name by Size by Status by Title by Type byte


cache cache calculated Item Calculator Calendar Calendar type call Call Now call waiting callback callout Camera Cancel Cancel Message canvas capital letters capitalization capitals caps CAPS LOCK key caption caret carry out an action cascading menu case insensitive Case Sensitive case sensitive Catalog Catch Up Categories category category label category name CC Cc box CD CD Key CD-ROM Cell cell reference Center center center certificate Certificate of Authenticity Change change Change All Change Icon chapter character character font character format Character Map character set character spacing character style charset chart chart area Chart title Chart Type Chart Wizard chat check check check check check box check In check mark Check Names check out checkbox checked Check-in Check-out chevron child menu choice choose Choose Font circle citation City class Classification Clear clear clear clear a checkbox Clear All Clear History click click Click and type click the right mouse button client client clip clip art clipboard clock clone Close Close All close button Close Find Closing Code code page collaboration collapse Collate collate collate Collate Copies collection colon Color color monitor color printer color scheme Colors Column column break Column Chart column heading Column Value Column Width Combination combine combo box combo box comma comma comma delimited command command button command line command line comment Common Files Company Compare Comparison compatible compile complete complete complex component Compose compress compress compressed Compression computer computer condense Condition conditional configuration configuration configurator Configure configure configure key bindings Confirm confirmation confirmation Confirmation ID conflict Connect Connect to connect to a server connected connected Connection connection is broken connection string connector console constant Contact Contact Us content class content developers contents contents context context-sensitive context-sensitive help Continue continue Continuous contrast control control menu Control Panel Controls convention conventional conversion conversion table convert converter cookie cookies coordinate coprocessor Copy copy copying Copyright copyright notice copyright symbol core Corner Corporate Correction corrupt corrupt data count count counter counter country code Country/Region cover page CPU (central processing unit) crash Create Create New Create Shortcut creator credit card criteria criterium critical error crop crop mark cross cross platform fonts cross-reference crosstab query cryptography CSS CTRL key cube curly quotes Currency currency symbol current current current date/time current directory current folder Current page current record Current View cursor cursor cursor keys curve custom custom dictionary custom group custom group field custom installation custom setup Custom show customise customised customizable Customize cut cut cut-and-paste cyan Cycle cylinder


daemon Daily damage damage Dark Dashed data data area Data Entry data field data file Data Files data form data label data points data processing data range data series data source data table data type data validation data view data view manager database database application database connection database objects database window datasheet datasheet view Date date format Date separator date stamping Day daylight time deactivate deadkey dealer debug decimal numbers decimal place decimal separator Decline decoding decompress decompression Decrease Decrease Indent decrypt decrypt decryption default default default button default chart default settings default value Define Define Views definition degree symbol deinstall DEL key Delay delay delegate delete delete Delete All Delete Item Delete Page Delete Rows Delete Shortcut Deleted Items Delimited delimiter Demo demote Department Depth descending descending order Description deselect Design design template Design view designer designer desktop desktop desktop computer desktop publishing program destination destination destination file detail Details detect Detect and repair detected detection develop developer development device device device driver diacritics Diagonal diagonal crossed lines Diagram Dial dial tone dial up dialer dialog dialog box dialog box title dialtone dial-up dial-up account dial-up networking dictation Dictionary died unexpectedly digit Digital digital ID digital signature digitally sign Dim dimension dimmed command direction direction keys directory directory Directory Services disability disable disable disabled disc discard discard disclaimer disconnect discussion discussion board discussion comment disk disk disk drive disk icon disk space Dismiss Display Display as Display as icon display name Distribute Divide division line DLL (Dynamic Link Library) dock dock docked toolbar docking station document document formatting document icon Document Library document map document recovery document type definition document window Documents and Settings dollar sign domain domain dots per inch dotted line double byte character double the size double underline double-byte font double-click Doughnut Down Down Down Arrow Download downtime DPA DPI setting draft drag drag drag and drop Drawing drawing canvas drawing object Drive drive icon drive letter Driver drop drop drop area drop cap drop lines Drop-down drop-down arrow Dropdown Box drop-down combo box drop-down list drop-down list box drop-down menu DTD Due date duplex Duplicate Duration


Each other echo Edit edit edit box Edit Hyperlink Edit Picture Edit Series Edit Text Edit Trust editor editor Effect electronic mail element ellipsis em dash email e-mail e-mail account email address e-mail address e-mail message e-mail server embed embedded embedded hyperlink embedded object embedding Empty empty empty en dash Enable enable enabled enclose Encoding encoding Encrypt encrypted encryption encryption End END key End time end user end user license endnote energy saving enhanced enter ENTER key entertainment Entire Network entry entry entry bar envelope Envelopes environment EPS Equal Sign Equation Editor Erase error error error bars error log error message ESC key Evaluate evaluation event event Every Exactly Example exceed Exception exclamation point exclusive executable executable program execute execute execution exist existing Exit exit expand expand (an outline) Expand icon Explain explore explorer export export express installation express setup expression extend extended selection extension external external external data Extract extract extras


face down face up facing pages failure fancy FAQ Fast favorite Fax feature feedback feedback field field field button field code field list field name field value File file File and Folder Tasks file and print sharing File as file extension file format file management File name file sharing File size file type Filename filename Files of type fill Fill color Fill Effects Filled Ellipse Fills Filmstrip filter Filter options filtering Find find Find File Find Next Find Now Find People Find Printer Find what Finish First First line indent First Name First page Fit Fit text Fit to Fit to Window fix fixed disk fixed-layout table flag flash Flip horizontal Flip Vertical floating floating toolbar floppy floppy disk flowchart flyer focus folder folder folder icon Folder List Folder Name Follow Up font font font box font color font name Font size font size box font smoothing font style footer footnote Foreground foreground colour form form form control form feed form field Form name form properties Form view Format Format format Format bar Format Cells Formatted text Formatting formatting buttons Formatting toolbar Forms formula formula formula bar Forward Forward forward forward slash four-headed arrow fractals fraction fractional numbers frame frame frame frame frameset framework free disk space free memory Free Stuff freeform freeze frequency frequently asked questions friendly name From From File From Left From text From Top Front frontend FrontPage Server Extensions FTP Full screen function function key


gallery game Gap gateway general gigabyte global glossary go Go go Go Back Go to Go to Folder Goto gradient grammar Graph graph graphic graphic filter graphics gray grayed command greater-than sign Green greeting greyscale grid grid gridlines group group box group by group item group level grouping guest account GUID guideline guides


handheld handle handle handler handout handwriting Hang Up hanging indent hardcopy harddisk hardware header heading heading style Height height Help help Help and Support help button Help File help index help topic Hibernate hidden hidden text Hide Hide Detail Hide Details hierarchical selection High high priority high resolution highlight highlighted command highlighter high-low lines highscore hint Hiragana history history hit hold hold down a button home home Home directory HOME key home page home phone horizontal horizontal scroll horizontal scroll bar host host hotkey hotlist hour format hourglass HTML HTML file HTML tag HTTP Hue hue hyperlink hyperlink address hyphen hyphenation


I/O (input/output) ICM icon ID identifier ignore Ignore All IIS IM-address image IME implement import import Import Data Import from Importance Imported In field inactive inactive window inbox incoming message incompatible incorrect Increase Indent incremental indent indent index indicator information infrared initialization file initialize Initials ink Ink Annotations inline inline image in-place buttons input input input focus Insert insert Insert Data Insert File INSERT key insert mode insertion point install install installation installation disk Installation ID installed installer instance instance instruction integer integrity indentation interactive interface interface internal modem International characters Internet Internet access provider Internet account Internet Call Internet Explorer Internet service provider Internet site interpreter interrupt intranet invalid invert invisible invitation IP ISP Italic italics Item iteration


jagged line jammed jar Java Job job Job Title join journal journal entry joystick jump Junk Mail justification Justify


Katakana KB KB keep kerning kerning table Key Key Key key key combination Keyboard keyboard keyboard layout keypad keyword keyword


Label LAN (Local Area Network) Landscape landscape language laptop Large Icon Last Modified Last Name launch launch Layer layer layout layout layout table leader leading Left left Left Arrow left mouse button left-to-right legacy legacy legend Legend key Length less less-than sign level library library license agreement license certificate line line break line callout line chart Line color line spacing line style Line up Icons Line Width line wrap Linear link link bar Link to Content linked object linked table LIS list list list box list separator load load load local network locale location location lock lock locking log log file Log Off log off from the network log on log on to the network logarithm logging logical login logo look in look up loop loudspeaker low memory lower lowercase Lum


macro macro macro virus Magnifier Mail mail mail merge Mail Message Mail Options mail recipient mail system mailbox mailbox mailing label mailing list main document maintenance major gridlines Manage manage Manage Lists right Manager Manual manual feed manual line break manual link manual page break MAPI margin Mark Mark as Read Mark as Unread marker markup marquee mask master master document master page master record match match match case matrix matte Max maximize Maximize button maximized window MB measure measurement Media medium Meeting Request Members memo memory menu menu bar menu button menu item menu name menu title merge merge merge field Merge to Message message box Message Class message header messaging metafile method microprocessor Microsoft Access database Microsoft Office Activation Wizard Microsoft Privacy policy Microsoft Product Support Microsoft Script Editor Microsoft SQL Server database Middle Minimize Minimize button minimum installation minor gridlines minus sign miscellaneous miscellaneous mix mode model modem modifier key modify modify module module monitor monitor monitor monochrome More More Colors More Details More Info More Windows motherboard mount mount point mouse mouse mouse button mouse click mouse pointer Move move move down move to trash Move Up movie clip MS-DOS multilingual multimedia multiple selection multiuser environment mute My Computer My Documents My Music My Network Places My Pictures My Recent Documents


n/a name Name box Named namespace navigate Navigation Navigation Bar Navigation Pane negative indent Network network administrator network administrator installation network connection network drive network location new news news News Message newsgroup Next next Next Page Nickname No no no wrap node non-adjacent cells non-breaking hyphen non-breaking space None nonprinting character non-proportional font Normal normal view not found Note Note Flag Notes Notify nudge null NUM LOCK key num pad Number number sign numbered list numeric keypad


object object library Object Type obtain OCR OEM manufacturer Off off office Office Assistant Office Clipboard Office Document offline offline offset OK OLAP Old password OLE OLE DB OLE object OLE server omit On on On the Phone Online online online service Online Support Open open operating system operating system operation operator optimise optimize Option option button option group optional optional hyphen options ordinal number organzation chart orientation orientation original originate Other Other Places out of the office Out to Lunch outbox outgoing message outline output output file overlap overlapping windows override override overstrike overtype overview Overwrite overwrite owner ownership


pack Pack and Go package Packages page page page break PAGE DOWN key page field page header Page Setup PAGE UP key Page view pager pagination paint palette palette palette window palmtop pane panel panel Pantone paper paper bin paper format paper jam Paper Source paragraph paragraph break paragraph formatting paragraph mark parallel parameter parent parent directory parent folder parent web parenthesis parity parse parsed partition partition password password protection Paste paste Paste Link Paste Shortcut Paste Special patch path path pattern pattern PAUSE key PC PCD PCX peer pen percent sign Percentage performance performance period permission denied permissions personal computer personal information Personal Name phone book phone number photo album pica pick picture Pie Pie Chart Pivot PivotChart view PivotTable list PivotTable report PivotTable view pixel pixel placeholder plain plain text platform Play player player playlist plot area plug-in plus sign point pointer pointing device policy policy Policy Module poll Polygon pop-up menu pop-up window port port port portable portrait portrait position positioning post postal code Power power predefined preference preferences preferences prefix prepare preset press press a key press and hold a mouse button preview preview preview pane previous primary primary color primary key primary window print print print area print job print preview PRINT SCRN key Printer printer driver Printers and Faxes priority privacy Probability procedure process product Product ID Product key Product News Profession Professional edition profile program Program Files program icon progress indicator project promote prompt prompt proofing tools properties properties property property page property sheet protect Protection protocol proxy server pt publication publish pull quote Push Button Pyramid


query question mark questions and answers queue queue queued Quick View quickstart guide quit quit quotation mark


Radar radio button radio button raise random range range RAS rate ratio raw Read only readability reader Reading Pane README file read-only read-write rearrange reboot Recalculate recall receive recent recipient recognise Recolor record record source recordset recover Rectangle recurring recycle bin Redial redirect redirected redirection redo Redo reduce Reduce icon reference refresh refresh Refresh Data Refresh every region selection Regions register registered trademark registered user registration registry reinstall Reject reject relation relationship release release release notes reload remaining reminder remote remote access remove remove rename rename repair repeat repetition replace replace replacement replica replication reply report required Reset reset resize resolution resource response restart Restart restart Restore restore Restore button result resume résumé retrieve retry return Return address retype Revert review revision marks RGB Ribbon rich-text box right rightclick rights right-to-left right-to-left support role Roman roman root root root directory root folder root web Rotate route router row rule ruler run Run run run-time


sample code Save save Save All Save and Close Save As save as Save as type Save Copy As Save Form Save in Save Password Save Picture As Save Search scalable Scale scan scan scanner scenario schedule schedule scheduler schema Scheme scheme scope screen ScreenTip screentips Scribble script script scroll scroll arrow scroll bar scroll box SCROLL LOCK key scroll through a document scrolling text search Search search criteria search engine second secondary window section section break section symbol secure secure security see see also select select select a block of text select a check box select a command select a list box select a menu Select All select all select an option button selected selected command selection selection selector semicolon semicolon send send Send As Is Send As Unicode Send HTML Send Mail Send Message Send Plain Text Send To Send/Receive sender Sender Name Sent Items Sent To separator Sequence serial number series series lines Series name Server server service Service Pack session Set set as default Set Default Set password Setting setup setup disk setup program shade shade Shading shadow Shadow Style share Share name shared shared shared shares shares Sharing sharpness sheet shell SHIFT key shortcut shortcut icon Shortcut key shortcut menu Show Show all Show As Show Detail Show Image Show in Show in Groups Show Item Show or Hide Show Outline Show value Shut Down shutdown sidebar sidebar Sides Signature signature file simple single byte character single underline single-click site sizable Size sizing handle skin Skip skip slash Slide slide master slide show slider slider slider indicator slideshow Slow slow Small Business edition small capitals smart Smart Phone smart quotes Smart tag Snap snapshot software software program sorry Sort Sort Ascending Sort By Sort by Name Sort Descending sort order sorting sorting order Sound sound sound sound card sound clip Source source source code source data source file space spacebar Spacing spacing Speaker Special special paper specify Speech speech recognition Speed spell check spell checker Spell checker Spelling spin box split split bar split box spool spreadsheet SQL SQL Server square brackets Stack stalled Stand by standalone standalone Standard standard time Standard toolbar start start Start button Start menu start page Start time Startup startup folder State/Province statement Statistics status status status area status bar Step Step In Stop stop storage store stored procedure Stores story straight quotes stream stream Street Stretch Strict Strikeout strikethrough string string Structure style style area style box style name style sheet sub- subdirectory subfolder subform Subject submenu Submit subprocess subreport subroutine Subscribe subscript subscription subsidiary substitute substitute Substitution Subtotal subweb Suffix Suggest Suggestion suite Sum Summary summary superscript supplemental Supplier supply support supported supports Surface survey switch symbol synchronization Synchronize synonym Synonyms syntax syntax error syntax error synthesizer System system administrator system configuration system file system guard system information system requirements


tab Tab Character tab delimited TAB key Tab Order tab stop table table cell table of contents Tablet-PC Tabs Tabular tag tag line target Task task task list task pane Task Request Taskbar taskbar button TaskPad Tasks TCP TCP/IP Telephone telephone book Tell Me More template template Temporary Tentative tentative confirmation Test test test Text text Text alignment Text Area text box Text direction text editor text file text format text formatting text mode text only Text Size text wrapping textbox texture theme Then by thesaurus This field This Folder thousand separator thread thumbnail thumbnail tick marks Tight tilde Tile Tile Vertically tiled windows Time Time format time stamp time zone timed out timeout timezone tint tip tip title bar title text Today toggle toggle key token tool Toolbar toolbar button toolbar icon toolbox Tools tools Top top top topic Total total row Track track changes trackball tracked change trademark transaction transfer Transform transition Translate translator transmission transmit Transparency Transparent trap tray tree tree tree structure treeview trend trendline trigger Troubleshoot troubleshooting TrueType font truncated trust Try Again Turn Off turn on tutorial two-dimensional type type type library


unavailable unavailable command uncheck a check box Undelete Underline underline underline underscore Undo undo undock Undock Computer Ungroup Unhide Unicode uninstall unique unit unit of measurement unknown unmount unselect Unsubscribe untitled untitled Update update upgrade upload UPPERCASE Upsizing Wizard URN usage analysis use as default User user account user interface User name user profile user-defined username User's Guide utility


valid valid XML validate validation validation rule Value variable variable variance VBA vector verb verification verify Version Vertical vertical alignment vertical scroll bar Vertical Text Vertically video video adapter View view view view button View Item View Source viewer viewer Views Bar virtual virtual server virus virus virus detection virus protection visible visit visual Visual Basic Volume


Wait wait wallpaper wallpaper warning warning warning message watermark web Web author Web browser Web components Web discussion Web folder Web Help Web Page Web Part Web publishing Web site Web Tutorial Weekday Weekly Weight What's New What's this? widget Width width wildcard wildcard window window window border window corner window size window title windows Windows Explorer Windows Setup wizard wizard Word Word Count word processing word processor Word Wrap word wrap WordArt wordwrap work offline workbook workgroup workgroup information file worksheet workspace workstation World Wide Web Wrap to window write write-only write-protected WSS


X Value XML data XML element XML schema XSL


Y Value Year Yes yes Yes To All


ZIP code zipped Zone zoom zoom zoom in zoom in zoom out zoom out