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Hello, my name is Sarvaturi, I'm Sicilian. The next days, weeks and months I will work a lot here in the Maltese wiktionary. I inform you that most of the actual pages (belt, karnivoru, kelb, kimika, qamar, xemx, zija, ziju, żaqq, memory, motherboard) have now a typical aspect/organisation of wiktionary articles (type of word, definition, pronounce, syllabation, etymology, translations, and internal links). Read you soon. Best regards. --Sarvaturi 20:54, 4 Awwissu 2008 (UTC)Reply[wieġeb]

Għarab -> Għarbi[immodifika]

Hello Borgdylan, thank you for your message. I had looked for "Għarab" in the Maltese wikipedia. Yes, the right Maltese word is "Għarbi". Please feel you free to tell me if you see other errors. Thank you very much. --Sarvaturi 19:34, 11 Awwissu 2008 (UTC)Reply[wieġeb]

Maltese language, a beautiful language[immodifika]

Good morning Borgdylan, ok, firstly I will create the pages linked from this template. Thanks a lot for your proposal of help. Ok, in the pages i will put the template "wikipedija".

  • Template:haw -> Would you please say me how do you say "hawaian" (tal-Ħawaj) in Maltese? Ħawajan? Thank you.

Best regards. --Sarvaturi 08:24, 15 Awwissu 2008 (UTC)Reply[wieġeb]